Christina Craemer has been part of the design and fine art communities in Los Angeles for over two decades. ARC54, her architectural and interior design firm, specializing primarily in residential design, interfaces with ART54, her art consulting firm to create dynamic, holistic design experiences.

So grateful for her unique success across these platforms, and her desire to continue to explore new creative ideas. Through her newest creative endeavor, the Art of Abundance, Craemer is incorporating the master ideals from Dwyer.

“Abundance is not something you acquire, it is something you tune into.”

Through this ideal, Craemer aspires to embody the Art of Abundance as she creates each individual piece of art.

Christina Craemer is much more than a talented Artist, one may even say she is a visionary with the addition of her latest project, Art of Abundance. With knowledge and experience spanning Architecture, Structural Engineering and Interior Design, Craemer and her innovative design team at ART54 Studio, bring a deep practical understanding and fluent skill set to their projects few in their industry possess. Whether it is a design project, architectural or interior design focus or an art collection or a single work of art, Craemer applies the same thoughtful approach. She begins by looking from the inside out and then begins again from the outside in. On the inside, she gains an understanding of the client’s needs, goals, and expectations for the final project. On the outside, she assesses the possibilities of the design, and the surrounding environment. Since no space functions independently of its surroundings, each design solution is developed especially for the site, as well as, the people who will live in the space. Her holistic approach to the entire design process is uniquely innovative and is setting a future standard for the industry.

“Infinite Lines” consists of images of waterfalls from Craemer’s travels around the world, including Hawaii, Iceland, South Africa, Yosemite and the Dominican Republic.  In the days or weeks following a photographic journey, visions from her experience begin to build and drive the editing process resulting in a single, unique composition.

“I absolutely love the appearance of the new magical tantrik trees… they are blooming with amazing energy..the colors are so inspiring… It is refreshing to work on an explosive new series full of life and energy…after the quiet of the meditative and reflective waterfall series of the last ten years… It feels explosive…magical”